Infield 9380420 UV400 Blue Blocker Lens Safety Glasses – Orange/Black


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  • INFIELDs new UV-400+Blue-Blocker lens targets specifically blue light and UV in the electromagnetic spectrum
  • Safety Glasses to full UV spectrum to 400 nm
  • Use around computers, laptops, i-pads and tv
  • 100% filter efficiency against blue light ( 400-490 nm )
  • Soft nosepads for improved user comfort
  • Perfect use for driving in your car
  • Ideal for hardening under blue light in medical professions.
  • Lens, PC SP AS UV-400 orange
  • Electromagnetic radiation ranging between 400nm and 490nm
  • Blue light is particularly hazardous to the human eye
  • Blue light can cause irreversible damage to the retina in high doses at close range
  • Shields eyes from LED street lights that can cause cataracts


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